Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Facebook & Twitter Interesting Infographics

Facebook & Twitter interesting Infographics that are design full of beautiful illustration, eye catching colors and clear headlines!Infographics allowed us to analyze data into visual structure making us to read and understand information.

Twitter Users Profile Infographic

Facebook Infographic 2011 which Facebook Takeover of Our Daily Lives

Facebook vs Twitter Infographic

44% of Online Sharing Occurs Through Facebook

Facebook and Twitter before Social Media

Things You Didn't Know About Facebook

A Year of Twitter

Twitter for Business

Are We Too Obsessed With Facebook?

Who’s Using Twitter And How They’re Using It

Twitter Facts & Figures

If you printed Twitter..

Visualizing 6 Years of Facebook

The Facebook Story In An Infographic

The Facebook 2010 Saga Continues..

Surprising Facts About Death On Facebook

The Meteoric Rise of Twitter

Twitter On Paper

Resources : pixelcurse.com

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