Thursday, October 3, 2013

Google New Algorithm "Hummingbird"

On the occasion 15th Birthday last week Google announced a major, major overhaul of the search engine algorithm that indexes and ranks content on the internet. It's code-named "Hummingbird"

Amit Singhal, Google's senior VP of search

But First,question raised in my mind  what Hummingbird is all about?
Hummingbird was rolled out a few months ago, according to Google,and it affects approximately 90% of the searches done on the internet. Why is the algorithm update called Hummingbird? According to Google, it's because the algorithm has been improved to be more"precise and fast." Umkay! Thanks!

Basically, the algorithm has been updated to better process search queries. It's been rebuilt to reflect the tremendous changes the internet has been through over the last several years.

So now, instead of concentrating on exactly matching the keywords typed into the query bar, Hummingbird focuses on what the meaning -the searcher's intent is - behind the words being typed in. This update apparently will be very helpful to queries that are more like questions being asked - "what is search engine optimization," for example. This is called "conversational search." Conversational
search incorporates more natural language processing and semantic search signals.

When you think about it, since mobile devices now let you speak your queries, this is the natural evolution of search formulas.If we use voice search, we use our conversational voice. Wow, this is going to get more fun and complex as time goes by - hold on and stay tuned!

Another way of phrasing what the Hummingbird algorithm update is doing is to try to better match the words in the search query with what's on documents out on the internet. Let's say you type in or ask "Indica Car Rental in Mumbai" Now, you could not only get listings for Indica that are available on rent, but you could also get deeper, more informative pages about the specifications and characteristics of the  Car Rental in Mumbai to help you make a more informed decision.

I wish you the very best of ongoing success for your online business!

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