Friday, December 14, 2012

Google Panda or Penguin Update History

It has been very challenging to diagnose the cause of ranking fluctuations on website,when Google rolling out its algorithm.

I consider two factors Losing factors & Winning factors :-

First lets talk about Losing factors:-

  • Intrusive advertisements on sites.
  • Ugly,simple,table-framed designs.
  • User-generated content that attracted "thin" contributions (EzineArticles,Hubpages,Buzzle)
  • Convoluted,Wordy,Content (AllBusiness,FindArticles)

Now,Winning Factors :-

  • Modern,High quality,thoughtful, and "attractive" UI & website designs.
  • Richer,more authentic,non-paid content(Esty,DailyMotion,Linkedin,Facebook)
  • Accessible content (LOC,Gov,HuffingtonPost)

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